New feature for better shopping experience: ChainStorePlus ERM launches flexible Goods Delivery module

June 14, 2019

Experienced in providing flexible and diversified POS functions, C&T’s retail management software ChainStorePlus ERM has launched a new module, Goods Delivery, which allows retailers to provide consumers with different order delivery methods with customized handling, further enhancing their shopping experience.

Designed for all-round POS experience, the Goods Delivery module of ChainStorePlus allows consumers to select their preferred order delivery method from “Self Pick Up Now”, “Pick Up Later”, “Delivery”, etc. with comprehensive delivery settings, and the latest delivery status can be instantly tracked, which makes sales handling more efficient and enhances consumers’ satisfaction and loyalty. The module’s functional design also integrates both online and offline operations, enabling retail businesses to make a breakthrough in the online-to-offline (O2O) market and expand their customer base.

Continuously improving the functional design applying the latest technology in pace with the market trends, ChainStorePlus has helped many retail businesses enhance in-store operations’ efficiency and consumers’ shopping experience. The launch of this new module will further enhance the flexibility of retail services, taking customers one step ahead among competitors.